Acknowledgement and Credit

In this world that we are passing through, we sometimes forget to say thank you. So before this moment slips away, there is one thing that I like to say, Thanks a million!!!

We have taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of Dr. Auriol Degbelo and Dr. Tomi Kauppinen to whom we are highly indebted for their guidance and constant supervision as well as for the provision of necessary information regarding the project and also for their support in completing the project.

We feel privileged to express our special gratitude and thanks to the authors of the open source tools and frameworks that we used. We would also like to thank the data collector and distributor of Office of Urban Development, Urban planning, transport planning, Stadt-Muenster for publishing and enabling open access to the availability of statistical data of the Muenster.

We would like to express our gratitude towards our parents and members of Institute for Geoinformatics (IFGI), University of Muenster for their kind co-operation and encouragement which helped us in-depth.

Our thanks and appreciations also go to our colleagues and peer members who have willingly helped us out with their abilities and suggestions.