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This website consists of several options that helps to know, compare and understand the social insurance contribution of the employees of various categories in different districts and sub-districts of Muenster city during different years from 2010-2014.

The information provided in this website includes the number of employees of different categories such as Male, Female, Under 25 years of age, German citizens and Foreigners at different individual sub-districts and districts, and as a whole in Muenster city for each during 2010 till 2014 who are subjected to social insurance contribution.

There is an icon which popped up at the top-left as you loaded the webpage, which can be used at any time to guide you through the options and utilities of this website.

You can use the various drop-down menu available under < Data Options: >

As you scroll down the webpage, you may find an area for Districts and Sub-districts comparison. Here, there are similar options like < Select district level:> and < Select data category> with same functionality as in previous options and also < Select districts by clicking on them at the _map or _select them from the list> having functionality as mentioned in the name itself.

There is a space in addition to map in this zone which is nothing but a graph which represents the variations between the selected categories of options as bar charts.

This whole webpage is shrinkable with no loss in the widget display and makes it feasible for any device like tablets and smartphones to work on.