GEO-C aims at increasing transparency, facilitating collaboration among citizens and enabling the participation of citizens in the improvement of their cities’ operations, quality of life, and local economy. The Open City Toolkit (OCT) is the resulting platform of the project, accruing in a single place all research outputs and contributions produced by the doctoral researchers. In essence, the OCT is a collection of tools, applications, services, datasets, specifications and guidelines to empower citizens to participate in and shape the future of their cities, and to deliver services based on open data that are useful for citizens, businesses and governing bodies alike.

The OCT is envisioned as an integrated, open source software empowering citizens, providing them with citizen-centric services in the context of a smart city. The OCT is being developed using open source software, and new developments are continually published as open source software components on GitHub. A detailed description of the OCT is available here. The official GEO-C deliverable on the open city toolkit can be downloaded here.