Heat-maps generation for city street networks

The aim of this function is to find hot-spots based on the location of events in the city streets network. This function shows how the distribution of events spatially changes within the city. Considering the street crimes, for instance, this function can show the spatial variation of crime events within the city streets and disclose crime hot-spots. Details of how to use it is provided in a guideline (https://github.com/GeoTecINIT/Guideline-).

Mathematically speaking, this function applies kernel smoothing to the spatial point patterns on linear networks. It estimates an intensity function non-parametrically, generates a continuous function on the network , and reveals the spatial variation of events within the network. It is implemented as a R function.

More information: On kernel-based intensity estimation of spatial point patterns on linear networks. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2017. DOI

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