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  • Yearly simulation

    Datasets that contain yearly simulated values derived from 8 different models for 8 indices over 31 European cities from 1971 to 2100. Each data set corresponds to simulated...
  • Decadal ensemble mean

    Decadal ensemble mean of the HWMId index for 31 European cities
  • Web climate service portal high-European Capitals

    Climate simulation web tool for visualising and interacting with climate simulations (yearly and decadal) data for major European cities. The tool directly retrieves data hosted...
  • Decadal simulation

    Dataset with decadal simulated values derived from ICHEC_EC_EARTH_rcp85_r1i1p1_KNMI_RACMO22E model for 5 indices over 9 European cities from 1971 to 2100
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