Location Privacy Guidelines

Location Privacy Guidelines

This showcase presents a series of simple instructions for both users (citizens), and developers around the topic of location privacy.

In the guideline Location Privacy: what is it and why does it matter?, we provide a brief, non-technical introduction about the concept of location privacy, and give few tipps about what you, as a user, can do about protecting your location privacy.

The second guideline How to develop apps that respect the location privacy of users? provides also a brief and non-technical introduction to location privacy protection. We share few ideas about how developers can go about building more location privacy-aware applications.

Finally, this showcase points to the HappyShare application which demontrates the idea of ephemeral location based service. In an ephemeral location-based service scenario, citizens may share information with other people only once they are in range of their mobile phones. They may also specify the lifetime of their messages (i.e., how long they should be stored before they are permanently deleted). Since location is not always shared, and the user can inform about her preferences regarding data storage, chances of user profiling can be dramatically reduced.

We hope you enjoy this short intro into the location privacy world!